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Lough Gur with Geoff Hunt

On Friday 9th March, Geoff Hunt visited our school. He took us on a field trip to Lough Gur. We were split into two groups with one group visiting the Lough Gur heritage centre and the other group bird-watching with Geoff.

In the Heritage Centre, we got to see old artefacts from Lough Gur. We got to act as historians and take part in an excavation. We also had to piece together an old clay pot. The speaker in the heritage centre told us stories about the past and stories about fairies. We also got to dress up and try on costumes from long ago.

Geoff Hunt helped us to identify birds in the Lough Gur environment. We used his telescope and spotted mute swans, mallard drakes, mallards, grey heron, teal and widgeon. We also saw a pheasant and whooper swans feeding on grass on the bus journey to Lough Gur.

Afterwards, Geoff returned with us to school and he gave us a talk on birds and their habitats.

It was a very great day enjoyed by students and staff.

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