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SFI Discovery Centre: EcoBricks and Seal Rescue Ireland

Eco Brick and Fundraiser for Seal Rescue Ireland

Eco bricks are an innovative way to reduce plastic in our oceans. Banogue NS will participate in this exciting project to bring awareness of plastic consumption to our students and help support a greener planet.

Each child will be given a 2 litre bottle of water. We are asking that each child fill their bottle with soft plastics used by them in their daily lives. Wrappers, food labels and such plastics can be squashed and put into each bottle. These bottles filled with plastic are called Eco bricks.

Did you know that these soft plastics cannot be recycled in Ireland and many of which end up in our oceans causing devastating effects to ocean life?

Seal Rescue Ireland is a registered charity in Ireland that rescues seals across the coast of Ireland. Banogue NS will support this worthy charity by having a School Fundraiser. For each eco-brick our students make we are hoping to donate €5 to Seal Rescue Ireland. Therefore we are asking parents and family members to donate to this worthy cause when the eco brick is finished.

In appreciation of our support, Seal Rescue Ireland provided our students with a virtual school tour. This tour taught us all about their rescue work all about Ireland’s native seals, and what we can all do to protect them and our marine biodiversity.

The children really enjoyed the virtual tour with Seal Rescue Ireland which took place on Monday 21st June. They were completely captivated and had loads of questions for the helpers at Seal Rescue Ireland. They learnt about the native Irish seal species, the Grey Seal and the Common Seal and their importance in the marine ecosystem. The children drew pictures of the seals in their copies.

Check out the photos below of 2nd class making their eco-bricks and the virtual zoom with Seal Rescue Ireland!


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