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Supporting your Child At School

Parents who are engaged in their child's learning, have a significant positive impact on a child’s educational achievement - especially in literacy and numeracy.

Here are some handy resources to assist your child with their learning.

Resources for Parents


As a parent, you play a key role in your child's education. The NCCA has developed a number of resources to help you to support your child's learning in primary school. Click the sections below to find suitable resources.


The national strategy ‘Literacy and Numeracy for Learning and Life’ (Department of Education and Skills 2011), includes a range of actions to enable parents and communities to support children’s learning. 

To achieve this, NALA has developed Help My Kid Learn - a simple website that brings together relevant information for parents and the wider community to support children’s literacy and numeracy development.


Webwise Parents offers information, support and advice on talking to your child about online safety.

Gaeilge Resources 

Cula Caint is an Irish language learning website as part of TG4. 

Pota Focal – Foclóir Gaeilge/Béarla, Béarla/Gaeilge

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English Resources

 103 Things to do before and after reading

Children’s books read aloud by famous actors 

Make your own story book 

Tools to help with spellings 

Improve your letters and phonics

 Great poetry for primary school children 

Cloze Activities to build vocabulary

Make your very own comic book with this comic maker

Literacy Games for younger children

 Brain training games for children

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MATHS Resources Maths Games for all classes – Manga High Maths Games (Fun Maths) – Khan Academy Maths Games (Fun Maths) – Maths games (Fun Maths) - Excellent Maths videos explaining each topic – Maths games covering each topic – Maths games covering each topic - Maths link to the Irish curriculum from infants to secondary school – For younger classes, basic maths games for addition and subtraction.

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SESE (History/Geography/Science) – Primary science in Ireland – National Geographic Kids – History and environmental site for Ireland – San Francisco Museum (Fun Science) – BBC History resources – Interactive resources for most strands divided into younger and older age groups. – National Archives website. – National Library digital photographs of the past – Website with everything from countries, animals, the sea and dinosaurs. Aimed at younger classes but good for older classes too. Interactive and well animated. – Covers most major countries and continents with fact sheets, quizzes and worksheets at all age levels. Explore the World with Google Treks 

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Arts Education Resources – Great art ideas for kids – Art ideas linked to the Irish curriculum Visual Arts websites Fun and Interactive Music Websites 

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Links for Kids

Britannica School

Kid Safe Search Engine

Fun facts and games

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