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Autism Class

Our school currently has two Autism classes. One was established in August 2021 and the second in August 2023. Autism Classes or special classes are available to children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and a recommendation for placement in a special class. Children in Autism classes benefit from a reduced teacher-pupil ratio and SNA support.


Our Autism classes  operate using the TEACCH Autism Programme. The TEACCH programme takes special consideration of the physical organisation of the room, the use of daily schedules, work systems and the educational
materials used. In our classroom we have carefully created spaces to facilitate group learning, individual teacher time, independent work and a “relax” space.


Our Autism classes adhere to the primary school curriculum and the children engage with all subjects. We take a multi-sensory approach to learning to ensure our learners have the opportunity to learn through hands on and engaging sensory activities. We understand that the needs of our children extend beyond the primary school curriculum and therefore ensure to include a large variety of activities including baking, gross motor development (developing coordination and larger muscles groups), fine motor development (muscles and dexterity in hands), yoga, life skills, swimming and horse riding, all while supporting our learners’ communication skills.

In Banogue we pride ourselves on our tight-knit school community. Children in the Autism classes have the opportunity to integrate into mainstream classes. Integration allows children to develop social skills, peer relationships and engage with the curriculum in a different setting. Children integrate at an ability appropriate level when readiness is established. When suitable, children may also be based in a mainstream room and reverse integrate into our classrooms for targeted supports and intervention. Our school supports
pupils to engage in whole school activities such as our annual Christmas play, sports day, school assemblies and more.


Our school has recently been sanctioned a new build development to facilitate two Autism classes and the necessary spaces required to meet our pupil’s needs. We are truly looking forward to welcoming new pupils to our school and serving the needs of our local communities.

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