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STEM: Using Technology in Banogue NS

We have always loved using technology in Banogue NS but the last year has ensured that both students and staff have become more proficient at it than ever before! We have all learned how to use new software and programmes to help us to access and deliver remote learning, including Zoom, Seesaw, Google Slides, Animoto etc.

We use technology on a daily basis in our classrooms with our pupils using laptops to type book reviews, write blogs, research projects, play Mathletics, access e-readers and also, to develop graphs and charts for the Green Schools Committee. Our pupils have developed Scratch programmes using skills they learned at Banogue NS. Our pupils have also used ICT to access STEM at home during remote learning.

Most recently, the pupils took part in Zoom calls with Seal Rescue Ireland and also with a marine biologist at the Galway Aquarium!

The children also starred and filmed a virtual tour video of the school in October to keep parents informed of the new procedures with Covid. They included video and photos in their virtual school tour. The footage was edited together, with the help of students, using Adobe Spark.

We are so proud of our students and their achievements in ICT. The pictures and videos below provide a small snapshot of the children using ICT in Banogue. Maith Thú!


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