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Green Schools Environmental Action Day

The children of Banogue NS take great pride in looking after their school environment.

On Friday the 23rd of April 2021, the school held an Action Day for the Green-Schools travel theme. The children posted photos to their Seesaw journal of the different green modes of transport that they use. The pupils showed us how they use cycling, walking and even, scooters to get around!

Children wore green or an earthly color to promote the green school theme. It was Earth week so children make Earth pictures as part of the Earth Week theme.

The whole school also took part in a clean-up of the school as part of our Action Day! Children from the middle room took part in sound mapping activities .

They wrote raps and poems about "green travel" and how it protects our environment and climate. Check out the Green Schools Travel Raps from the Infant Room and the Middle Room.

The Senior room carried out a sustainable city project. All projects were successful and the children learned a lot about sustainable cities. Work was carried out on the Green schools noticeboard with examples of work displayed


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